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Native or newcomer, student or small-business owner, rancher or recreationist, homeowner, renter, or houseless person — in Montana, we value a livable future for ourselves and our loved ones. Unfortunately, climate change, and the polluters that cause it, are threatening life as we know it in the Last Best Place. Thankfully, we have an opportunity to turn things around! You and I, together, can make sure Congress passes the most meaningful climate legislation in history.

It’s easy, just say:

Hi! My name is [Your Name]. I am one of Senator Tester’s constituents in [Your Town/City/Native land]. I am calling to ask the Senator to support the bold climate legislation that Montana needs. We need climate legislation that takes a holistic view of justice and equity, with standards and oversight, investment in frontline communities, and a guarantee of Indigenous peoples’ right to free, prior, and informed consent while accomplishing the following priorities:

  1. Moving to 100% clean energy by 2035 with a clean electricity payment plan and clean energy tax incentives
  2. Repealing federal fossil fuel subsidies
  3. Investing in improved access to public transit and union-built electric cars, trucks, and buses
  4. Replacing 100% of lead pipes and investing in clean water infrastructure
  5. Retrofitting and electrifying all schools, hospitals, and public housing
  6. Creating a Civilian Climate Corps and cleaning up abandoned mines and wells

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But wait, there’s more! Looking to post to Instagram? If you’re interested in taking further action check out our toolkit! It will guide you through how to meet up for an in person lobby day, write a letter to the editor, post one of our custom graphics to your social media, and more!

Still have questions?

Why Senator Tester?

We greatly admire the energy and fight Senator Tester brought in the recent negotiations over the bipartisan infrastructure plan. We know he has it within himself to vote the right way on this. However, in a recent interview, Senator Tester insinuated that his constituents are not calling for climate action. By calling Senator Tester, we can make sure that he knows he has the political power and the support of his constituents to fight for climate. Nationally, Senator Tester will be one of the key votes on climate legislation, and so, as Montanans, it is important that we raise our voices. #MT4Climate.

Does it really matter if I call?

Yes! Your stance on an issue is recorded when you make a phone call. This allows Senator Tester’s office to keep track of how many of his constituents want action on the six priorities.

Should I leave a message?

Yes! Just like calls, your stance in a voicemail message will be tallied.

Why now?

Great question! Right now, we have our best opportunity to act on climate change ever. There is political will to pass a budget reconciliation bill in September; however, the number of climate measures to be included in this deal has not yet been hashed out. This is our moment. Truly, it’s possible to change the future, today.

Why these specific legislative priorities?

The six priorities with a justice focus that you outlined on your call are among the major priorities for climate activists around the country. They also fit into broader calls by the progressive community for big investments in climate action, justice, jobs, and care. This means that we’re boosting our effectiveness by raising our voices together. Furthermore, these are achievable goals that would move us toward a livable future! They will create good jobs, protect our health and access to clean air and water, and are all around critical for Montana. Want to learn more? Check out a fact sheet.

Who put this together?

Montana groups came together to make it easier for constituents to raise their voices on these important issues. We aim to show #MT4Climate. These groups work with different and diverse constituencies across the state. Learn more by clicking the logos below.

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